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Welcome to MND Victoria

MND Victoria provides and promotes the best possible care and support for people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

This includes a range of services to support people with MND, their carers, family, friends and health professionals.

Find out more information about Motor Neurone Disease.

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  • My Story about MND and how it has Effected my Life

    SueI guess that before I talk about MND I need to write a bit about my relationship with my sister, Sue.

    I am the youngest of three, Sue was 4 years older than me, and my brother, Jeff, is 2 years older.

    Sue and I shared a rare sibling relationship, we never ever fought and we were extremely close. Sue introduced me to the sport of water skiing and we would holiday together every summer, skiing behind a boat that we jointly owned.

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  • MND News: November/December 2017

    Read our November - December 2017 MND News to find out about the latest news and research!

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  • Compassion not sympathy: A carer’s perspective

    By Geoff Finnigan

    Not only is this disease so horrible to endure for the sufferer of MND.

    But the other side of the coin is the partner and family trying to cope with the emotional issues that are created.

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