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Research opportunity: Breath-stacking in Neuromuscular Disease

Lung Volume Recruitment in Neuromuscular Disease: Can breath-stacking improve lung function, respiratory symptom and quality of life for people with neuromuscular disease?

Not being able to take deep breaths or cough forcefully are two examples of the breathing problems that people with a disease affecting the nerves and muscles, such as Motor Neurone Disease, may face. In neuromuscular diseases, breathing complications are one of the main causes of discomfort, disability and ultimately death.

A technique called 'lung volume recruitment' (or 'breath stacking') uses a specially designed bag to deliver breaths of air to people via a face-mask or mouthpiece, thereby allowing people to take a series of deep breaths occasionally. This may improve lung volume or breathing capacity, coughing ability and ease of clearing phlegm in this group of people.

This project will investigate the effect of breath stacking on these factors. Improving breathing function is an important aim of treatment for people with neuromuscular diseases and may reduce symptoms, improve quality of life and survival.

For further information regarding possible participation in this research project, please contact the Study Co-ordinator, Nicole Sheers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or: 03 9496 3877

This research project is being conducted through the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health, Heidelberg, Victoria.

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