Until there's a cure ... there's care

As a person with MND, the writer of this page understands how valuable it is to read about the experiences of others facing similar challenges, hence this short booklist which has a focus on local books as I find them more relevant in regard to support and medical issues. I also like to support the local authors who have toiled away, often under great difficulty due to the limitations of MND and the significant upfront out of pocket costs to themselves and their families.

If you know of other books you believe should be on here please email MND Victoria This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of the book and if you like, add your comments about it which may be included anonymously.

Books by Australians

Legless In The Garden by Zana Walker

Diagnosed with a disabling and fatal disease in 1996, the author was told she would be dead within three years. Unfortunately she died earlier this year (2012) of a heart attack but in the years before that she wrote and self-published this moving and often times humorous tale of how she survived against a barrage of medical negativity and remained independent amidst a chorus of opposition. Disabled by disease, alone and away from family and cared for only by paid help and friends, she found her simpler life liberating and was more than content with her lot.

The composer of this webpage has met Zana and read the book and personally found it an engrossing and surprisingly often humorous insight into living and coming to terms with such a disabling disease.

It is available in hardcopy or can be downloaded as an e-book for immediate reading. Buy the book Legless In The Garden online

Losing My Voice! by Barbara Williams

Losing My Voice! is a very poignant milestone in understanding the human tragedy of this cruelest of diseases. This beautifully written, informative and riveting story, will have significant impact on Health Professionals, MND (ALS) sufferers and their loved ones, worldwide. Visit the Losing My Voice book website

The following books are out of print but still obtainable from many libraries and MND Associations:

A Passion For Life: Living With Motor Neurone Disease by Paul Brock

Paul Brock was a happily married man with three children and at the peak of an illustrious career when he was diagnosed with that most terrible of conditions, Motor Neurone Disease.

In this well written, moving book, Paul Brock tells of his struggle to cope with the shocking hammer blow that the diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease brought to his life. And how, years after his death was predicted and with most of his body immobilised, he still manages to live a life as rich and full as possible.

The Tattooed Flower by Suzy Zail

Tattooed Flower is the tender and illuminating story of how a father and daughter choose to spend their last years together: Suzy discovering her father’s past as a child of the Holocaust; and her father teaching his family, by example, how to live well, love fully, and die without fear or regret.

Coming to Life by David MacKenzie

An inspiring story of one man's struggle to come to terms with a life cut short by disease. This is his story of David's life with MND. As the months and years went by he found that rather than embarking on a journey toward death, he awakened to life in a new and profound way. His existence was paradoxically deepened and enriched even as he and his family travelled with the fear and certainty that surround his disease and failing health. Ultimately, in the midst of the grief of this appalling disease, David and his family come to a new understanding about life and what the future holds. David's life is not about dying, it's about a new coming to life. '