Until there's a cure ... there's care

The General Information kit comprises of the following:

  1. Introduction to MND Victoria: this includes the MND Victoria Introduction Sheet and the MND Victoria Factsheet
  2. Facts about motor neurone disease: the booklets MND - Some Facts, MND – More Facts
  3. Information about our services: this includes several brochures about specific services, the MND Victoria Brochure, an invitation to Information Night (Word, 38 KB), MND Victoria Privacy Statement (Word 40 KB), Client Complaint Statement (Word, 45 KB), Helping Children Cope with MND (Word, 594KB) and MNDNews (MND Victoria’s newsletter).
  4. Client Application Form and Membership form (Word, 36 KB): the Client Application Form does not need to be completed and returned if you have already registered as a client. Registration for services entitles you to free membership of the Association.
  5. Managing Symptoms contains four national MND factsheets which provide information about the multidisciplinary health care team, the only drug that has an impact on the disease and a fact sheet on cognitive and behaviour change:

  6. MND Research includes information on how to help MND research, the Australian Motor Neurone Disease Registry. You can also read and/or subscribe to Advance and the International Research Update, produced by the MND Research Institute of Australia
  7. Advocacy Agencies